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WifiKill Apk : Download v2.3 For Android

WiFiKill Apk is an amazing application which everyone would love to have in their Mobile Phones but yes for that you will be required to have a rooted Android Mobile. If you don’t have any rooted mobile and sill want to Download WiFiKill Apk and use it then you can follow the rooting guide given below.

WiFiKill is an application which will help you to remove unwanted users from any WiFi Network you’re connected to. It can be helpful if you share WiFi connection with your friends. You can disconnect or even block them from accessing any WiFi network on which both you are connected to. It happens much time that you pay the amount for WiFi bills and don’t receive speed for downloading any stuff from the internet. For all these small things you can Download WiFiKill Apk which will help you to remove your friends from your WiFi to receive most of the speed from it.


Features Of WifiKill Apk

  • It can be used to remove people connected to a WiFi Network. It can be used to all the people or any selective users connected to any WiFi Network.
  • It can be used to prank your friends like their Phone’s WiFi adaptor has gone wild and is not connecting to WiFi Network.
  • It can be used to increase your WiFi speed by removing connected users as if you have more than 10 people connected to a WiFi then you will surely receive a low speed.
  • It also works for all open networks, public WiFi and other places like coffee shops and much more.
  • It also shows a graph of users who are connected to a WiFi Network. It also shows which connected client is consuming the highest speed and has downloaded and uploaded the most. You can block them so that WiFi speed doesn’t lack anymore.

Root Your Android

  • Step 1 : You will be required to Download Framaroot App on your Android Device. You can find the download link on their official website or else you can also download it from any of the mirror sites. If you don’t find any working links for the same then you should click here to start your download.
  • Step 2 : Now, you will be required to Download SuperSu from Google Play Store. Once you download both of the mentioned software then proceed for reading the step given below.
  • Step 3 : Now, Open Framaroot App on your Phone and select SuperSu from drop down menu afterwards click on Root and you’re done.

Note : Under the rooting process your phone might flash 2-3 times. Please make sure to restart your Mobile after rooting process ends.

Download WiFiKill Apk

As you know that WiFiKill Apk is not available on Google Play Store, therefore, we will be required to download the application through their official website or else any of the mirror site. So, let’s start without wasting any more time.

  • Step 1 : First, You will be required to Download WiFi Apk from here on your Android Device.
  • Step 2 : Once the download finished. You will be required to open Downloads Folder on your Phone and install the Apk File which you downloaded just now.
  • Step 3 : After installation ends, you will be required to open the application and allow root access to it through SuperSu in order to start using the application on your Phone.
  • Step 4 : After allowing root access to the application. You will need to restart app and the number of users with consumption graph shown where you will given button to remove and block users from the WiFi network.

Update : WiFiKill Apk is also available on Google Play Store but only for limited countries. So, before you proceed for the above Direct Apk Download, Please make sure you check Google Play Store and download WiFiKill Apk if available.

Updated: May 15, 2017 — 3:08 pm

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