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Towelroot Apk: Download v3 For Android [ Latest Version ]

Towelroot Apk is one of the best Rooting application for Android. It can be used to root your Android Mobile Phone within a few seconds using only a single click. Basically, Towelroot APK is one of those One Click Apps which helps in rooting your Android Device. Rooting with these One Click Root Applications has become much easier now. You don’t require PC, USB Cable and other essential things for rooting. Now, you just need to have an Android Phone and an Internet Connection to root your Android Device easily and safely. It is recommended using only Trusted rooting apps as others can also cause many problems like boot issues, loading issues and much more.


Towelroot is one of the trusted app and therefore, you love to Download Towelroot APK for Android Devices. Rooting? Many people don’t know about Rooting but they wanted an rooted phone, they don’t even know the Pros and Cons of rooting Android Mobile phone and wanted a rooted phone. Rooting basically doesn’t harms your phone but it just ask your Android Administrator to access the root directories so as it can edit the files. Yes, If you root any Android Mobile then you will surely rollout from any warranty options for Mobile(If you had any). I guess I have already wasted a lot of precious time of yours and mine as well. So, let’s move towards the Pros and Cons of Rooting and then to the Features of Towelroot App.

Towelroot Apk : Pros For Rooting Your Android Mobile

  • Provide access to the root files which means you can edit any kind of file either of system or external.
  • Internal Storage can be increased by deleting company installed unwanted apps.
  • You can also increase the processing speed by cleaning the physical memory and stopping the apps consuming heavy load of it.

Cons For Rooting Your Android Mobile

  • It voids the warranty period of the phone and afterwards you will be unable to claim any damages, losses(Data), and software issues.
  • Interrupting the rooting process can take a phone in middle position where it cannot be used for work. Only solution is formatting and reinstalling Android and drivers for the phone.

So these were some Pros and Cons of either you should or should not root your Android respectively. Now, let us move towards the features of Towelroot App.

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Features : Towelroot APK

  • You can easily root any of your Android Device just with the help of a Single Click. Towelroot doesn’t takes much time for the rooting process and ends within few minutes with a Successfully Rooted Message.
  • It uses some unique way for rooting the Android Devices. It has its own solution for rooting the Mobiles and Tablets. The application has helped in rooting many phones which other One Click Root application weren’t able to do.
  • It has been tested on 500 devices and ensures to root almost all the Android Devices including the new releases in market.
  •  You do not reuire of any computer or any USB cable for rooting the phone just a tap is all solution for it.
  • Even a new user can also use Towelroot App on their phone to root it easily without facing any problems.
  • It works like a charm in rooting the Devices. It is another God for rooting mobile just name as “TowelRoot”.
  • Towelroot works a way faster than other rooting applications available. You can easily rely on the application for rooting without any problems.
  • One of the best thing which i actually forgot to mention is that Towelroot is available for free but unfortunately not available on Google Play Store but we can still download it from the official website, for more information follow the Guide present below.

More About Towelroot

Towelroot is not any Fishy app like many others available which you can download but unable to root any Android Device whereas with Towelroot you can root more than 500 Android Devices. It supports a lot of devices which it can easily help in the easy root of Android, it works on its on technology for rooting. It is another application just like KingRoot which has its own way for rooting Mobiles. It ensures no harm to devices as well if you face any problem in mobile after rooting your mobile then it also gives an unroot option which can be used to unroot your rooted Android Device. You can also uninstall the app after rooting and then reinstall when you want to remove root from your Device, this helps to free-up some storage.

I don’t have yet shared that it is not available on Google Play Store as well which means either you will be required to directly Download Towelroot APK from their official website or else any mirror site with which have tied up. To follow up to Download Towelroot App please find the Tutorial given below helpful to you.

Download Towelroot APK

As mentioned above that unfortunately, Towelroot APK is not available on Google Play Store. So, we will need to download it through the official Towelroot.APK from their official website. Before proceeding further please make sure that you have enabled “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources”. If you haven’t done yet please make sure doing. You can follow the steps given below or else you can also directly move to the Tutorial.

Allow Installations From Unknown Sources

  • Step 1 : Open Settings -> Security -> Scroll down and you will be able to see exact something like “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources”
  • Step 2 : Click on it. Mark the option and you’re all done. Now you can follow the steps given below to Download Towelroot App


  • Step 1: First, you will be required to open the official website of Towelroot and find out the download link.
  • Step 2 : If you are not able to find the working link then you can search for mirror sites on Google or else better you can click here to start your download.
  • Step 3 : After you have successfully downloaded the file please make sure you click on the download APK to install it.
  • Step 4 : Once installed , follow the Guide given below to start Rooting Your Mobile Phone.

Root Your Android Device With TowelRoot APK

    • Step 1 : Download TowelRoot APK following the above Guide.
    • Step 2 : After downloading. You will be required to download SuperSu from Google Play Store. So, download it as well.
    • Step 3 : Now, Once you have downloaded both of the required softwares. Open Towelroot and click on Root.
    • Step 4 : Under rooting process it might happen that your phone will flash 2-3 times.
    • Step 5 : After rooting process ends with a successful message. Please make sure you restart your mobile in order to complete the root process on your Android Device.

Finally You! did it. You have now successfully rooted your Android Device. Now, you can access your root files and edit them, you can also give root permission to the apps which renders or asks it.

Updated: May 15, 2017 — 2:58 pm

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