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Lucky Patcher Apk : Download v 6.2.6 For Android

Lucky Patcher APK – These days rooting Android device and making an extra use of premiums apps has become a trend. Of course when you get some extra stuff for free that are meant to be available for additional costs is a great thing. Android platform today is likely to be the biggest as it comes with numerous apps and features. Tons of free apps for almost all kind of purposes are available in the Google Play Store.

Apart from that, there are some useful apps unauthorized by Google, however, available in other online sources. Such kind of apps can be used in Android devices with ease. Apps in the Google Play store mostly available for free of cost, but not totally free. The comes with in-app purchase facility which blocks the users to get full access to the app unless they pay for the additional features.

Now, what if you never have to pay for such in-app purchase apps or games? Sounds great right? That’s the point those hacking, and cracking app is so much popular today. And, I must admit, Lucky Patcher is the best hacking app you can have right now. The best part, Lucky Patcher APK file is available in some reputed online hubs for absolutely free of cost.  So, what makes Lucky Patcher the best and different from others?


What The Lucky Patcher Exactly Is?

Lucky Patcher is the app that allows its users to access to the in-app purchases for free, Remove online ads from other apps, removing License verification from some Android games/Apps, and also it allows the users to install modded version of Play Store. Lucky Patcher can examine the list of apps that are installed on your Android device and points out the reliable actions to be carried out as mentioned earlier.

Lucky Patcher is the strongest app of its kind. So, there is a very less risk of involving in legal issues or getting blocked from using the app. Now, you must be wondering if your Android device requires meeting any kind of system requirements? Well, there are some you can consider before downloading and installing Lucky Patcher APK in your Android Smartphone or Tab.

System Requirements for Lucky Patcher APK Download and Install:

What makes the Lucky Patcher APK different from other hacking apps is the fact that it can be run in the unrooted Android device too. However, the only downside of this app is that without a rooted device, users will not be allowed to enjoy the full feature of this app. So, if you want to get through all the possible Lucky Patcher facilities, you will need to root your Android device first.

I would like to recommend you of Kingroot Android rooting app for this purpose as it does not need any additional help of a computer for rooting Android devices. Apart from this no other system requirement is required. Lucky Patcher works on almost all the Android versions.

Once the Lucky Patcher is successfully installed on your Android device (Smartphone or Tablet), you will be showcased a list of all the apps that was previously installed on your device. There will be various options you can take on provided alongside the apps in the list. Each title of the apps is also coming with a different kind of color code that indicates the compatibility of apps to be modified. Each color has a different status.

1: Green – Green colored apps are liable to be registered to the Lucky Patcher and easily disconnected from theGoogle Play Store.

2: Blue – The apps with blue color code comes with Google ads and the ads to be removed.

3: Yellow – this kind of apps comes with a specific patch available.

4: Orange – It consist of a system app.

5: Purple – It consist of startup system app.

6: Red – The apps with red color can not be done with any modification.

How to Download Lucky Patcher APK in Your Android Device?

We will be discussing all sort of Lucky Patcher usage.  First of all, you will need to download the app and install it on your Android device. As the app is not available in the Google Play Store, you will need to rely on some other unknown source to get this app for free.

I suggest you to download the latest version that is Lucky Patcher 6.2.6 from a good online app portal like APKMirror. But, before you start downloading the app, set your Android device to accept the apps from unknown sources rather than Google Play.

  • First of all, open your device app drawer and go to the device “Settings” option.
  • From the “Settings” option, navigate to the “Security” alternatives of the device.
  • Within the security alternatives, locate the “Device Administration” section.
  • Finally, spot the “Unknown sources” option and check to enable the feature.

Once you have checked the Unknown sources option, your Android device will be allowing all the apps and games to be installed that are downloaded from unknown sources. Now, you can open the downloaded Lucky Patcher APK file and freely install it. Once the app is completely installed, proceed to open the app and grant to root access.

Making Use of Lucky Patcher App

After the complete installation of Lucky Patcher APK, You will be provided various options such as License verification found, custom patch available, in-app purchase found, etc. Each provided option are reliable to be get done with a different method using the  Lucky Patcher app.

1: How to Remove License from An App Using Lucky Patcher APK?

This task can be done following the below simple method –

  • Select and click the app you wish to remove the Google permissions.
  • Next, click on the Open patches menu.
  • Now, click on the Remove License Verification option.
  • Select the Auto modes option.
  • Now, hit the Apply option and wait for few secs.
  • Launch the modified app to check if the modification is done successfully.


2: How to Apply Custom Patch of Any App Using Lucky Patcher APK?

You can follow the below procedure to apply custom patches of any kind of app using the Lucky Patcher.

  • Search the app that comes with “Custom patch available” feature below it and tap on the app.
  • Now, tap on the Open menu of patches option.
  • Now tap on Custom patch. In a case of available multiple custom patches, you may pick any one.
  • Next, hit the Apply button and wait for a while.
  • After a while, a message will be seen as “Patches are applied.”

That’s it. That’s how you apply the custom patch on any  Android app. If the application was not successful, you would need to follow a different method to fix this issue. I will come with the fixing method lately. The applied custom patches will be removed if the Lucky Patcher gets uninstalled from your device. So, you are suggested to keep the app installed.

3: How to Remove Google Ads from Any Android App?

Using Lucky Patcher APK, you can get rid of all kind of Google ads that pops up from nowhere while you are online.  These kind of ads are very annoying to the users, even though they are a great source of income for the app developers and Google itself. To remove those irritating ads from any app, follow the below steps-

  • Select the desired app and click on the Open menu of patches.
  • Tap on the Remove Google Ads option.
  • Next, patch to remove Google Ads.
  • And, finally, tap on Apply button.
4: How to Access to in-app Purchase Using Lucky Patcher APK?

As we have talked earlier, using Lucky Patcher APK, you will be able to access to the in-app purchase Android apps without spending a penny. And the best part, you don’t even need to root your Android device to get access to in-app purchase facility. All you have to do is following my lead.

For Rooted Devices: If your device is a rooted one, you may follow this procedure-

  • Launch your Lucky Patcher app.
  • Rooted device users may hit the Toolbox option located at the bottom.
  • Now scroll down to the options, select and hit the “Patch to Android” option.
  • Tick to select all patches in the list and then tap on the Apply button.
  • Now, wait for a while and once the process is done, reboot your Android device.

For Non-rooted Devices: Users of Non-rooted device may follow this procedure-

  • Go to your device app drawer.
  • Open the app or game that you want to get access in-app purchase of.
  • Swipe to the purchases of items section and tap on “Buy” or similar option that allows you to purchase in-app items.
  • As you tap to purchase any in-app item, Lucky Patcher prompt will pop up with a text, “Do you want to get this item for free?”
  • You may proceed to get the item by tapping on “Yes” button.

That’s all. In this way, you can always get access to the  both freemium and premium items or features of any apps/games. Lucky Patcher feature does not stop right here. It has the ability to get a clone of the Google Play Store. The modded version of the entire app hub itself can be downloaded and installed. So, what is the modded Play Store, what are the benefits of it, and how can you get your hands on this stuff using Lucky Patcher? Everything is right here to feed your curiosity.

Get Modded Play Store Via Lucky Patcher Apk

With Lucky Patcher, you can download Modded Google Play Store, which is a modified format of Google Play Store. With a modded Google Play Store store you can extend more features on Play Store and let you download paid apps. But the design and interface of modded Google Play Store remain same with original. However, regarding performance and features, it makes more exciting to have a modified Google Play Store. Here is something about the features of having a modified Google Play Store app on your Android device.

#1: Using freemium app is not that easy, after downloading a paid app from other sites as apk file the Google Play Store checks the license verification of that particular app. Hence, for not having an app verification license or if your installed app don’t meet the expectation of the Google Play Store then you can’t use it on your device.

To resolve this problem you can use modded Play Store App on your Android device to pass fake license verification on your mobile, and you can easily use this on your mobile without any hesitation. And the good thing about this you won’t require internet connection; it can work offline and let you verify any premium apps.

#2: Downloading the modded Google Play Store on your Android device you can go for paid app you can request a refund but your installed app won’t be uninstalled from your device. So, that means you are getting paid apps without paying a penny. Generally, after purchasing an app from Google Play Store, you can request for a refund within 2 hours of download or purchase.

And after that your money will be refund and your installed app also gets removed automatically from your device. But with modded Play Store your downloaded app won’t be uninstalled.

#3: Moreover, you can turn off auto update and boost your app downloading speed and also help to increase your device performance as well.

#4: It won’t ask you for license verification anymore for your premium app.

Terms to download modded Google Play Store: If you are thinking to download modded Google Play Store on your Android device then remember you will need to root your android device first. Or you can’t just download paid app from modifies Google Play Store. Yes, you can download paid app using the refund trick (which is I’ve mentioned above) but you can’t hack in-app purchase features. So, you can’t hack games resource, coins, gems, characters, level or much more.

How to download modded Google Play Store on Android device?

Lucky Patcher apk is an excellent performer in terms of tweaking, cracking and modifying apps. But it also let you download modded Google Play Store on your Android device as well. Yes, to download you will require the latest version of Lucky Patcher. Now let’s see how to download modded Google Play Store on your Android device.

  • As said just above, download a latest Lucky Patcher Apk file and install it on your device.
  • While installing you should grant root access if you want to download modded Google Play Store.
  • After completing the installation, open the app, now go to the bottom left corner and click on the toolbox.
  • You will get a list of modded Google Play Store, or you can choose them as per your need.
  • Select any version and let it download. After completing the download, it will auto install on your device.
  • Calm your devices will auto-reboot once modded Google Play Store get installed on your device.
  • So, now open Lucky Patcher app again choose a patch to Android navigating through the Toolbox in the bottom corner.

So, this is it to download modded Google Play Store on your Android device. Enjoy the features of modified Google Play Store.

As you now see, using Lucy Patcher you can get a broad range of benefits. Once you have downloaded and installed the Lucky Patcher APK file on your Android device, you will be got rid of Google license hassles, in-app access limitations, irritating google online ads, etc. And, you may never need to pay a dime for any premium app or game as you can easy get them via Lucky patcher. So, this is a great stuff to start your day with.


Updated: May 15, 2017 — 3:04 pm

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