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Garageband For Windows 7/8/10 and PC

garageband for windows :If you all are thinking of what GarageBand is then i would like tell you people that garageband for windows is another popular music application which is used  by android as well as IOS users. GarageBand For PC has just launched. With this launch people will also be able to enjoy great music with a great interface even on the bigger screen,i.e., your computer. With garageband you can listen to music as well as you can mix the music, record it and broadcast it for free. GarageBand can help you a lot in learning about Music’s.

GarageBand For Windows 7/8/10

GarageBand has a lot of inbuilt features like it has a great variety of instruments like synthesizer, drums, piano and harmonica. These instruments make sounds just like the real instrument do. If you are already a user of GarageBand then it will become easy for you to create your own customized music with different instruments found in GarageBand. This app is very much similar to Drum Studio and Learn Piano app found for android.

GarageBand is very easy to understand and use. This app can be used to make your own music by listening and mixing music on your Phone. You can mix your song with another Thirty-Two songs and easily create loops for mixing of the audio files to generate your own music.

Features Of GarageBand For PC

  • The main purpose is to let users create their own songs and music.
  • App supports both Virtual as well as External keyboards. For betterment a external USB keyboard can be used.
  • This app provides a full tutorial on how to create or edit your songs in GarageBand.
  • App comes with a voice recording feature that can be used for composing our own song easily without any type of glitches.
  • GarageBand has a good Interface as well as there are a lot of filters available for editing or creating a song.
  • App comes with inbuilt sound of popular instruments like Piano, Violin, Guitar, Orchestra and so on.
  • Last but not least. It’s a freeware and can be used for free.
Below is the step to step guide for downloading and installing GarageBand For Windows.

GarageBand For Windows 8

  • To get started you will first need to download Bluestacks Android Emulator on you windows PC. You can get it from here.
  • Once the downloading finishes you will need to install the application. Application will show you a proper installation guide, you just need to follow it.

Here the installation of GarageBand For PC is divided into two parts. Both of the parts are written below.

Part 1 For Installation Process Of GarageBand For windows 10
  • After the installation process you will need to download GarageBand APK on your windows PC. You can get a downloadable link here.
  • After you file gets downloaded you will need to open it with Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  • Once you open the file using Bluestacks Android Emulator then you will find that it will redirect you to settings inside the application. In Settings you will need to mark “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources“.
  • After you have marked “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources“. You will need to again open GarageBand APK with Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  • Now, the application will be installed and you will need to setup the app. You don’t need to worry about the setup as when you open the app it will guide you how you can use the app for creating, mixing or editing the songs.
Part 2 For Installation Process Of GarageBand For Windows 10
  • After you have successfully installed Bluestacks Android Emulator on your windows PC. You will need to open the app.
  • Once you have opened the app you will need to navigate yourself towards the search option. There you will need to search for GarageBand.
  • Now, you should start downloading and installing the app on Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  • After the installation process ends, open up the app and it will automatically guide you towards how you can use GarageBand for creating, mixing, or editing music.
Updated: May 15, 2017 — 3:00 pm

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