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Download Telegram For Pc: Telegram is yet another Instant Messaging application to communicate with your Friends, Family Member, and even Office Colleagues. Telegram not only offers to connect with people by the means of chatting but also allows you to make voice and video calls to any user registered on Telegram. The audio and video quality of Voice and Video calls are good enough. Not only this but you can also send any type of file to your friends upto a limit of 1.5 GB. Yes, it’s not like whatsapp or hike that you’re only able to send small files but with telegram for pc you can also send files upto a limit of 1.5 GB at a time.

If we talk about being more secure with online chats, voice or video calls then I would like to say that Telegram is an best application. The reason for being Telegram as a best application in security purposes because the messages you send to any of your Friends or Family Member are encrypted under a secure connection so that it can be seen only by you and the other member. The best part of Telegram which I loved the most is that Telegram doesn’t saves any of the chats in its cloud and even if it’s saved then it is also deleted after a few hours, or days. Just like these there are more other features of Telegram For PC mentioned below which you would love to check.

Features – Telegram For PC, Best?

  • The users of telegram can easily chat to each other with a encrypted connection in which the chat is not saved and even it’s after sometime(Once after opening the chat it gets deleted).
  • It’s neither like WhatsApp nor Hike or any other Instant Messaging apps which allows you to send files upto a limit of 100 MB only whereas with Telegram For PC you can send files upto 1.5 GB in a short.
  • Telegram has it’s own Cloud Storage where all your data is stored and kept saved. It’s your wish either to keep chat in the cloud storage or not. It is recommended to keep your chats safe and saved on cloud because it works just like an backup tool. Whenever you login into your Telegram all your data and chats will be synced from the server.
  • It is fast, reliable and a smooth app designed for Android Phones. It is a very light weight app and has a good GUI design which makes anyone to know how-to use the app.
  • The private chats and other private things have been given a lot of attention of the users to start using it.
  • The best part about the application that it is available for free on Google Play Store.

More On Telegram For PC – Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10

Telegram For PC has not been official launched but still there are two ways which can be used to Run Telegram on PC without facing any problems one of them is the official way and the other is through an intermediary software. One of the way is to use Telegram For PC with the web version but for that you need a Telegram account. If you don’t have an telegram account then it’s recommended to Download Telegram For PC using Bluestacks, an Android Emulator.

Telegram For PC – Web Version

Before proceeding to know how-to use telegram on PC using web version you will need to download the same from here and then follow the steps given below.

  • After downloading the above application. You will be required to open Telegram on Windows PC.
  • Once, you open the app you will see that it’ll ask you for your Mobile Number. You will need to fill dialog accordingly and follow the steps untill you seen the dashboard or main screen of Telegram PC using web version.

So, Finally once you’re on the screen where you are able to see the recent chats, and other tabs then it means that you have been successful to telegram on pc using web version.

Telegram For PC- Bluestacks, Android Emulator

For those who don’t know what is an Android Emulator they can proceed to read more otherwise if you know what are Android Emulators then you can skip it and directly read the procedure part. So, an Android Emulator is an application for PC/Laptop which enables windows as well as MAC users to download Android Applications on your PC. There are many such apps available from which some are free and some are paid but trial version might be available. Today, in our tutorial we’re going to use Bluestacks Android Emulator which has won many awards and is named as the best Android Emulator as of now.

Lets Begin :-

Before we proceed to Download Telegram For PC, it is recommended to Download and install Bluestacks on their PCs. You can find an working download link for the same on their official website or else you can also click here to start your download directly from a remote server. Once you have download Bluestacks from the given link then you can follow the steps given below to Download Telegram For PC using Bluestacks.

  • Step 1 :You will need to run Bluestacks on your PC and allow the permission for Internet and Storage access.
  • Step 2: Now, inside Bluestacks you will need to navigate yourself towards Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Google and login with your existing Google Account. If you don’t have any Google Account then you can also create a new one by the link given their.
  • After Successful creation and login into your Google Account you will be required to open Google Play Store or any of the Android Play Store available inside Bluestacks, Once opened you will need to search for Telegram in it and hit enter.
  • Step 4 : After pressing enter you will see that the download page of telegram is in front of you. Now, you will be required to download.
  • Step 5 : After Telegram has been successfully downloaded. Open the app and fill in the dialog with the information it ask for, At first it will ask you to either login or signup. If you select login then it will take you to the login page or else if you click Sign Up it will take you to the Sign Up page of telegram.
  • Step 6 : After completing the login or sign up process you will be able to use Telegram For PC.


There are 2 ways which can be used to Download Telegram For PC. One of them is the official version and another is an alternative way(Using of Android Emulator to run telegram on pc). Any of them can be used to use telegram for pc without facing any problems, both of them are also freely available to download and use.

Updated: May 17, 2017 — 9:23 am

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