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Freedom app for ios the name of the app itself speaks for it. Freedom app is a software program which is designed to refrain us from using the Internet. Why do we need it? Of course, we all know why do we need it. Often getting caught up with the addiction of Internet, we find ourselves procrastinating work and therefore, messing up our whole schedule.

Freedom app keeps the user away from using the Internet up to a maximum of eight hours. If you have a give a tagline for it, you can try saying; “Frees you from all kind of distractions and helps you to code, create, think, write, analyze and breath”. The best part about Freedom app is it is available for all kind of platforms. In this article, we will guide you through the procedure of how to download freedom app for iOS devices.

How to download freedom app for ios devices

  • The first step of downloading Freedom app on your iOS device is to download it from the app store.
  • A point to consider here is that Freedom app is only compatible to use with the versions of iOS 9 or more.
  • Once, you’ve downloaded the app from the Apple store, launch it. On the welcome page, you can see the ‘Sign in’ option. Enter your credentials like email id and password to log in. 

Downloading the Freedom App Blocker for ios

  • The second step of the process is to download and install the App Blocker. In order to this, we need to install a different network profile so that we can block the content.
  • You will be needing to install it for once and select the ‘Install App Blocker’ to install it.
  • This will prompt you to a page where you will again be asked to click on the same button. Do it for the second time.
  • After making sure that it’s done, allow the VPN configuration. Your profile is now installed.
  • After being directed to the main app, you won’t find any specific VPN symbol and find your app installed.
  • In other words, this App Blocker acts as a VPN, itself. Now on the app’s interface, find the ‘Settings’ icon and go to the settings.
  • Here you can customize the settings like enabling lock mode, configuring notifications etc. Lock mode prevents an accidental sign out when the app is running.

Managing Freedom App:

If you’re confused about the above process, a limited VPN is installed in the form of App Blocker using the technology embedded in Apple’s Network Extensions. Therefore, it blocks the unnecessary content and also the VPN technology.  You will find a noticable change in browsing as the speed never gets impacted by the App Blocker neither the battery. You can also never find any VPN icons for iOS 2.0 version devices. If your device is prior, you might find an icon, but this process gets clumsy with them.  In case, if you’ve doubts regarding the installation process, you can comment in the comment section; so that we can get to you and guide you through it. Install Freedom app and do what you want to do without delaying. Havefun!

Updated: May 17, 2017 — 9:52 am

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