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How to Activate Jio Sim Card Online ( Volte and LTE Devices )

activate jio sim:Hello, Everyone! The Company Reliance is still rocking but their Popular, JIO Sims. There are a millions of people buying the JIO Sim Every Single Day! The lines are so long outside Digital Express/ Reliance Stores that you need to wait for around 3-6 Hours to get a Sim!

Even I had to go to their Digital Express store near my home for 3 days continuously! Because of their shitty servers which are so overloaded from requests that they stop working every hour!

Well Beside Everything, Tons of People have already got it and enjoying free 4G internet till 31st December which is a great deal in my easily activate jio sim card

How To Activate Jio Sim Card Sep By Step Procedure

Fact: Reliance JIO will cost only 50 INR for 1 GB of 4G Internet! This was disclosed by Mukesh Ambani in a recent event!

So, as I was saying that People are getting JIO Sim for free by using the barcode method. As it is a Step by Step Process so, I would disclose every Popular Problem.

Many People in my Profile asked me with these Problems and I have made a list as we are going to get a solution for every Problem 😉

So, Enough of Introductions, Let’s get straight into it

#1 Not Getting their Barcode Generated in 4G Phones –

As we all know that, JIO Sim is now available for all 4G Enable Mobiles and that is the reason behind such high crowds. Somehow, Many People are not getting their Barcodes Generated. I am going to tell a way where there is almost no chance of failure.

  1. Turn On your Data Connection or Wi-Fi and Install ‘MyJIO Application’ from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Application and Download all JIO Apps listed there for no chance of failure.
  3. Now, Open MyJIO App again and click open for MyJIO.
  4. Now, there would be several options like, Sign in, Sign Up and Get JIO Sim.
  5. Click on Get JIO Sim.
  6. Follow on Screen Instructions and you would then successfully generate your Barcode.

Note: If this method does not work for your 4G Enabled phone or if you are facing any Problem, Then feel free to comment down below as we love our Readers 😀

#2  How to Generate Barcode in a 3G Mobile Device –

This is the most asked query and is filled in my messages. People usually ask “Hey Bro, Do u know how to generate Barcode in a 3G device? Please Tell Bro.”

So, without wasting any further more time, let’s get straight into it!

  1. Download MyJIO app by clicking here. (In case you have downloaded the downloaded the app from the Play Store, Then Clear its cache and Delete it. In short, don’t download from the Google Play Store.)
  2. After Downloading, Download all the JIO apps listed there. It may take time according to your Internet Connection.
  3. Now, You Need to be on your Mobile Data and don’t use Wi-Fi.
  4. Turn off all your internet connections and Open MyJIO app and click on open beside MyJIO, You would now be able to see Get JIO Sim, Turn on your Data Connection and as soon as the 3G or 2G Sign appears, Click on get JIO Sim. You need to be very quick or else it will not work.
  5. Follow On Screen Instructions and BOOM! You will generate your barcode!

Note: If this method does not work then feel free to interact with us in the comment section as we love to hear from our Readers

#3 what to Do if you are getting Extremely Low Speed with JIO Sim –

Well, Most of the people think that Reliance is playing a game with us, they show high speeds on Speed Test apps and websites. One of my friends was also facing this issue but this issue was solved later by using the Solutions given below.

I would be several solutions. So Continue Reading Further.

Solution 1 – In your Phone’s Settings, Head over to the Wireless and network options. Then Click on Cellular/Mobile Networks and click on Access Point Names/APNs in Jio Sim Settings. Now, click on your Active APN. Scroll Down and Change the Settings of APN Protocol and APN Roaming Protocol to IPv4/IPv6.

Solution 2 – You can get a VPN and trust me, It really helps [Personal Experience]. You can use Hola VPN for PCs and you can also get a VPN Service for your Android Mobile Phone. Just Head over to the Google play store and search for VPN, And then install and select any Popular Country and you may see a sudden increase in the speed.

So, As we have covered THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS/QUERIES of People. Here we are the MOST Common Issue with all the People who bought JIO.

#4 How to Get Your JIO Sim Card Activated in just a matter of seconds!

Well, Activating Your JIO Sim is becoming a big headache now as for some people, It is taking even months because of the amazingly high response which JIO Sim received. One Friend of mine got the sim on 1st October, 2016 and was finally activated on 5th October,2016 by applying the given Solutions!

#1 The Trick Which I used but can’t Guarantee that it will work in all devices or not!

I got my JIO Sim on 5th October, 2016 and was super busy to call 1977 and do all the verification stuff. After 2 hours, I went to my Phone and just went to the Mobile Network/Cellular Settings on my Phone and you would see a Preffered Network Option there. By default it would be set to 3G/4G, Set it to and Your JIO Sim will start getting network and then you would be able to use Data services and as well as Calling.

#2 Activate JIO Sim in less than 20 minutes by visiting nearby Reliance or Digital Express Outlet –

Yes, You can activate your JIO Sim in less than 20 minutes by visiting your Nearby Reliance or Digital Express Outlet with Aadhar Card. You would need to show your aadhar card and give your fingerprints, If those things match up then my friend, Your JIO Sim will be activated in less than 20 minutes. This method only works in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

#3 Activate JIO Sim for LTE Devices –

You can activate your JIO Sim by the traditional Process which is by, Calling 1977 and getting yourself verified. You need to get your Aadhar card with you because it will speed up the JIO Sim Verification Process!

Conclusion –

In My Opinion, Relaince’s JIO Sim is a great deal! I Mean Which company would offer to give free internet to millions of people for free for 4 months? After 4 Months, which company would actually give you 1 GB 4G data for 50INR? So, Go Get the JIO Sim

Stay Tuned.

Updated: May 17, 2017 — 9:14 am

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